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My name is Gary Parker, and this site is about the life and Restoration of my 1934 1 1/2 ton Dodge Truck that my dad gave me in 1985. I have also included on this site information on the history of dodge, the adds for this truck, Australia import information, suppliers that help find parts and some plans for the restoration.

     It was the Winton Shell truck from new not shore when it stop being the Shell truck, I thank it was sometime in the lat 50s, In the 70s and early 80s she was used to cart water for pigs out of town and was hooked up to a table saw. I tried  to restored it in the late 80's but could not find the parts or the time, but I still got it going for the Outback Festival in Winton QLD for the following years (1985, 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993) and was on display for the 1995 Outback Festival, after this she became unsafe to use. It went through the January 2000 flood in Winton where the water went over the roof of the truck, then in February 2000 we dried it out and started it to drive it to our new house in Winton, She sat there until we moved to Townsville in June 2007, so we moved the truck to the truck museum in Winton, in June 2009 we hade it trucked to Townsville to be restored, and started the restoration on the 26 June 2009 and finished on the 24 September 2010 (on the road some work still to be done), This time most of the parts where easy to find thanks to the internet and ebay, and some parts we have changed to modern parts like Alternator, Thermostat, condenser, and new set of VDO gages. The plans are to go back to Winton for the 2011 Outback Festival this will make it 16 years since it was in the Festival . This truck has a 218 small block motor and a 4 speed gearbox it was imported into Australia by T. J. Richards & Sons and they built the cab and tray. The model is K32, engineering code and wheelbase is T-6-E-136.


        The tray has been completely rebuilt out of Quilla timber I brought from Bootle Timber in Townsville, the motor & gearbox are rebuilt standard, the motor has been rebuilt  by Ian Payne's Automotive Engineering in Townsville & the parts come from Dodge Parts Australia, The gearbox  needed new bearings & seals that came from Associated Bearing Supplies in Townsville, The diff has hade new bearings and I need to find a new crown and pinion for it (need help), the breaks parts where brought from Brakemart they also reshoed the breaks, the horn and tail lights came from Vintage Power Wagons, The head lights came from Armadale Auto Parts and the fuel tank was made by JT aluminium products in Townsville. The electrical system is a 6v/12v system the 6v is for the starter & horn, and the 12v is for everything else (this is done with 2- 6v batteries) and a 12v Alternator (this is a diagram of the electrical system), and I have brought some parts of ebay.  We have had to make some parts ourself one of these parts is a new thermostat adaptor to hold the thermostat in place since the old hosing was very rusty and could not hold the thermostat, I made this out of 4mm aluminium, I also made a spear tyre holder , and a horn bracket. I have to make a front bumper yet. I have also replaced the wheel bolts & nuts they are the same as UD Nissan (you will need to run a 20mm drill through the holes in the bolt hosing).  The truck has cost me so far around $30,000.  I hope this information helps someone else. If you need some more information please email me at and I will try to help.   

Hear is a video of the truck going Truck going

History of Dodge  Original Adds   Suppliers & Links  Plans Of Truck

Gearbox 16/08/09 
Side view 29/12/09  
Tray 01/08/09
Mudguards 08/11/09
Motor 26/02/10
Radiator 18/12/09
Cab 01/01/10 
Back 18/12/09
Old Photos
1972 Beetle



         I have also been working an my second project a 1972 Beetle, I started this one in January 2010 and on the 23/4/2010 the beetle was registered. I have also put some photos of the beetle on this site.

Parts List
I have put together this parts list because some parts are hard to find some old numbers have became obsolete and new numbers have taken there place. The ones with ebay next to them you shod find with the part numbers on ebay.

  • Spark Plug:- Champion J8C

  • Points:- Bosch GD44_C

  • Condenser:- Bosch 6D11E

  • Rotor:- Delco 820445   

  • Distributor Cap:- Delco 824735

  • Thermostat:- Stant ST8-160

  • Fuel Pump Kit:- Gross 966VC

  • Oil Filter:- Mopar 861028

  • Piston, Rings, Motor Bearings & Seals 

  • Kingbee and Deitz Headlights

  • Wheel Bolts & Nuts (UD Nissan)








(Dodge Parts Aus)

(Dodge Parts Aus)

(Armadale Auto Parts)

Toni Truck Parts

I do not sell anything on this site it is just information on my Dodge truck and it's restoration. For parts contact one of the suppliers I have listed. 



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